Grey or Gray?

For the past month, we’ve been walking by this.

We had the brilliant idea to test two wall colors (since we couldn’t decide on one) in our hallway.  This is the hallway color before our project began – a drab yellow that every wall was painted in the house.

We knew we’d be hanging a particular painting in the hall but we weren’t sure which color would be the best backdrop.  Vinay wanted grey.  I wanted purple.  So we got sample paints from Home Depot (BEHR $3). After testing these colors, we decided they were WAY too bold.  And although I was set on the bright purple, it just didn’t fit with the neutral calming hues in the rest of the house.  So, we picked two more grey shades that were much lighter and tested them on another wall in the hallway.

Left: ‘Gentle Rain‘.  Right: ‘Sterling‘.

Of course we have our opinions, but I’ll withhold our thoughts, and ask what your vote is for…?


10 thoughts on “Grey or Gray?

  1. I actually like the 2 tone purple and gray compared to the two greys. LOL. I say you go with the grey everywhere and have that end wall be a focus wall with the purple with the painting (which I LOVE btw). who says you can’t have a little boldness in your life 😉

  2. Sterling! And you should know that Kyle and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! Glad to see things are great!

    • Thanks, Erin (& Kyle). So glad you guys are checking up on our blog. We jealously look at your pictures on FB… you guys look like you are having a great time and enjoying the new culture and warm weather!

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