Rock and ROLL!

Please excuse me while my giddiness overcomes me and I rant and rave about this (it’s a mommy thing)

Early this month, Avery’s daycare provider told us that he had rolled over one day.  We were thrilled.  We brought him home and laid him down on his gym mat for a repeat performance at home.  We watched and waited…and waited.  Nothing.  Avery just wanted to giggle and bat at the toys hanging above him.  My excitement was lost and I left Avery with Daddy so I could do the dishes and prep for dinner.  No sooner did I leave than Vinay yells ‘Meg!’… he had turned over.  Did I see it?  No.  After a few days of anticipating and watching…still nothing.  I’m bummed and figure it’ll happen when he’s ready so I forget about it.  Fast forward a couple weeks now and I have yet to see him roll over.

Last night, I went to a Gallery Opening at Mount Ida College (Where I got my Masters) of our Thesis work, with Avery in tow.  We mingled, Avery showed off.  Then we had to use a nearby office to get some business done (diaper clothes change).  I put our changing travel mat on the floor and went to work.  Avery was very wriggly and changing him on the floor was difficult enough!  But to my surprise, I turned to the baby bag to get a diaper and when I turned back, Avery was mid-roll.  And there it was, the first full roll I saw.  Yay!  To say I was excited is an understatement.  I flipped him around so he could do it again – and he did!

When we got home, I had to show off to Vinay and ofcoarse video tape it!  Avery has a rock & roll method to it… does get frusterated at times…and it took about 3 1/2 minutes for him to figure it out… but when he finally does, we are beaming with pride!

Here’s Avery’s debut video:


And if that isn’t exciting enough, this morning Avery sported some new shoes (Thanks Mychelle!) with skulls and cross bones (mixed with his plaid shirt and overalls you’d think hes a rebel redneck) and while I was getting myself ready, he practiced some more…

This is how I left him…

This is what I come back to…

And a close up of his new kicks…

We’re excited (and nervous) about what’s to come now… movement means constant attention and baby proofing! For now, Avery is just swimming (moving his arms and legs and going nowhere) when he gets on his belly, but we’re sure he’ll figure out the crawling thing soon enough….


7 thoughts on “Rock and ROLL!

    • We weighed him last night and his weight hasn’t changed since his last doc appt weeks ago… but he does look bigger doesn’t he?! His next step is sitting up by himself… we’re working on that.

  1. Hi Meghan! Avery is so extremely handsome!!! Kris and & just spend a few minutes enjoying his rolling debut!

    Hope to see you all soon!!!


    • Thanks, Mariana! We are so very excited for your upcoming wedding. Unfortuntely, Avery won’t be with us so we’ll have to plan a get-together in the near future (after the wedding maddness) where you can see Avery again!

  2. Oh my goodness how cute was that!?! Kenna’s rolled over twice now (once on my SIL couch and once in bed in the middle of the night, I woke to a facedown baby in panic, but she was ok) but its been over a week and she seems to only be interested in the half rolls. Soon enough though Im sure she’ll do it again. BTW the shoes were SUPER cute! and I loved that his socks matched his shirt 🙂

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