Date Night – Asian Style

Our February Date Night involved chinese food and south-asian dance.  I had given Vinay a gift card to PF Chang’s and tickets to the South Asian Showdown for his birthday.  We went to this show last year and we always say we want to eat at PF Chang’s but never do because it’s expensive and busy – if you don’t have a reservation, good luck getting in.  So, with the help of Avery’s buddy Andre (who babysat) Vinay was able to collect on his birthday gift.

We made the mistake last date night of going to dinner before a movie, and Vinay slept through half of it.  We couldn’t avoid that this time though because the show was 6-10PM and being parents, dinner at 10PM is just way too late.  So we did dinner before the show.

We got all dressed up (ie. I wore a dress and heels while Vinay wore jeans and a dress shirt), but before we left, I finally found Vinay’s peacoat that I thought we lost in the move, but after some rummaging in a closet, discovered it minutes before we walked out the door.  What made it even better was, in the pocket of the jacket, Vinay found his ticket stub from last year’s concert!  I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the last time he wore it!

So, off to the city we went!  Parked in the garage under the Boston Commons (only $11!), and took a nice stroll (we practically ran because it was freezing!) through the park to the restaurant.  The food was delicious!  We indulged in an appetizer – lettuce wraps, and each enjoyed an entree of chicken (for me) and beef (for Vinay).  And we topped it all off with little shot glass red velvet & tiramisu mini-deserts.

Then it was back to the car (burrrr!) to store our leftovers and to the theatre for the show!  We planned it just right because when we got to the door, it was just before 6.    The theatre was only 1/2 full though and it took a good 20-30 minutes for everyone to file in and the show to actually start. (Vinay wasn’t surprised… according to him, Indians are always late)

So, what was this show all about?  Well, Vinay was on a dance team (Mela?) in college, and that intrigued me to buy tickets to a show in Boston one year, then that lead us to this show.  There are different styles of south-asian dance and teams from around the country complete.

There were teams from Northeastern, Cornell, and a bunch of other north east colligates.  Our favorite team won second place in their category.  It was a indi-film & fusion dance (mixed modern dance styles with traditional) that the story line was around the Olympics.  Very original!  These teams get very creative and the song choice, lighting, stage design, etc. are very impressive.  My favorite part was when a dance team started doing the Hamster Song! (aka the song from the Kia Soul commercial with the hamsters driving the car…I’m obsessed with it!).

Unfortunately, the pictures I took from the show came out yucky…

I guess you’ll just have to check it out firsthand next year 🙂

We made it home before 11, and Avery was sound asleep.  We were exhausted after having such an eventful date night.  We’re currently planning our next date night for March… any ideas?  I found this great blog post at SecretsOfMommyhood about The Dating Divas that share great date night ideas.  Check it out!

***If you’re really interested in the South Asian Showdown, here’s a few websites***

Show Website:

Pictures from the Show:


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