What’s for Dinner?

In an attempt to save time and money, I began writing down a menu of meals for the week.  After I do that, I’ll know what I need to buy at the grocery store so I can make my grocery shopping list and only buy what’s on the list – potentially avoiding compulsive buys because something is on sale or I think we might need it.

This ‘system’ has been working great.  We keep to a strict grocery store trip budget every 2 weeks, and we’re not wasting time with our head stuck in the fridge wondering what to cook for dinner.  Ok, so why am I sharing all this…?  Well, take a look at where/how we display the ‘Menu’

Yes.  It’s TAPED to the fridge.  Have you ever heard of a fridge that isn’t magnetic?  Well, apart from our Fridge Fiasco of buying a fridge that was too big to fit through the kitchen doorway, we found no faults with it.  Then one day while unpacking various random boxes, I found our magnets.  I stuck one to the fridge. PLOP!  It fell to the floor.  Confused (and probably looking pretty silly), I tried it again.  PLOP.  Hmmm… magnet’s broken?  Tried another. PLOP.  Yup… our fridge isn’t magnetic.  Have you ever heard of a fridge that you can’t stick magnets on?   And all this time I envisioned buying those cute alphabet magnets for Avery to spell words with… my dreams are now crushed.

So, with that, our magnets went back into the box, and our dinner menu is taped to the fridge.  Have I given up? No.  I have a white-board calendar that I would LOVE to put up in the kitchen/dining room area and maybe use that and eventually Avery’s activities (Basketball games, Spelling Bees,) will go on it… but for now, it’s still living in the office handing from the tiny wall overlapping two windows…

As for the Dinner Menu… I saw an awesome idea on FreshNestBlog:

It’s a DIY menu board = picture frame + scrapbook + chalkboard markers.

Only problem is, we have no wallspace in our kitchen to hang it.  Megan @ FreshNestBlog suggested that we could make a mini version and put it on the fridge – I then informed her why that wouldn’t work.  So maybe we can put it in the dining room?  It’s be much more appealing than the calendar or piece of paper we have now… because it would be more like artwork.  So, when I have a free minute (Ha!), I’ll browse through our picture frames and maybe find something suitable to start this project with.  I’m excited… but we’ll see how long it takes me to get this accomplished.  (When you become a homeowner …. and a mommy… things get done… they just take MUCH longer to do).


6 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

    • It works for us! Saves us time and money. I do the same with clothes, setting them out the night before so I don’t waste time picking them out in the morning. Some people aren’t like that and need to decide depending on their mood. Sometimes we’ve swapped days on the menu because we want something quick or are in the mood for something different.

    • Thanks, Sandra. It is very hard to stick to… and we’ve forgotten a couple weeks, but those weeks I forget, we go overboard with groceries – so we went back to it. I just make a point to spend the 10 minutes writing out the menu and grocery list once every 2 weeks.

  1. my parents’ fridge is the same… the side of it is magnetic though! just the so called stainless steel side isn’t. go figure

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