On Friday, Avery got an ‘OK’ from his doctor to start pureed foods.  Up until then, Avery’s only solid(ish) food was rice cereal, and according to Vinay (who tasted it) it wasn’t very yummy.  So, we were very excited to see how Avery liked REAL food.  I did some research and we decided on Gerber 1st Foods, which offers a variety of pureed foods for STAGE 1 – Supported Sitter (Sits with help or support. On tummy, pushes up on arms with straight elbows. Moves pureed food forward and backward in mouth with tongue to swallow). 

After even more research, we decided on introducing a new food every 4 days, which allows time for any reactions from allergies to show up.  And as to which food to start him on first… well, everyone has their opinion and it’s really up to the parents.  Some people say to start off with the bland foods so they don’t get hooked on the sweet ones, some say to start with fruit, other vegetables.  So, what did we decide?  Here’s the breakdown of the order of foods we are introducing (we’re alternating between fruits and veggies so he can get the most nutrients as possible)…

11-Feb Apples
15-Feb Sweet Potatoes
19-Feb Pears
23-Feb Squash
27-Feb Bananas
2-Mar Peas
6-Mar Peaches
10-Mar Carrots
14-Mar Prunes
18-Mar Green Beans

So, with that plan in mind, we set off on a shopping trip to stock up on the first few foods on the ‘menu’.  Target had a great deal… a 2pk (4 servings) for 90cents.  Unfortuntely they didn’t have apples… so we made another trip to Walmart to finish stocking up.  Then it was home to try apples

Avery made a ‘sour puss’ face with the first spoonful, but after that, he gobbled it down.

Last night, we tried sweet potatoes for the first time…

…and man did he like that!  So far, they’re his favorite.  And the pictures prove it… the bigger the mess, the more he likes it!

Sunday we try pears! (We’ll be in VT visiting family so Grammy & Grampy will get to see it firsthand!)


2 thoughts on “REAL Food

  1. Pears are my little boy’s favorite! Haven’t done sweet potatoes yet, or apples. But he likes bananas ok and rice cereal with expressed breast milk in it. So fun, isn’t it?

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