Avery and the Three Bears

(get used to the nursery rhyme inspired titles… Avery likes being read books so the catchy phrases run through my head all day.  I read him Dr. Suess last night… so the next title might be ‘red foot blue foot, grey wall’)

Valentines morning, Avery started with one bear.  A red one from Mommy & Daddy.  He took it to daycare with him, like kids do when they get a new toy and want to bring it everywhere.  When I picked Avery up from daycare the count went up to two!  Avery had gotten two Valentine’s…one was a card from Morgan, and the other was a smooching teddy bear from his daycare provider.  Avery loves the kissing sound it makes when you push it’s belly!  Then, when we got home, there was a package on the stoop (yes, we have a stoop and it’s so fun to say it) from Vermont Teddy Bear Company.  Inside was a brown teddy bear with a T-shirt saying ‘I (heart) AVERY’.  So that makes three.  Avery’s going to have trouble deciding which teddy to play with now…

So, like other holidays (Christmas), the pillars between our dinning room and living room are adorned with all the holiday gifts (including my endless blooming rose from Vinay – I knew he was getting me something!)

As for us ‘grown-ups’… we celebrated with a yummy meal of homecooked steak tips and scalloped potatoes…

Yum!  Like our makeshift steak tip broiler?  Cookie drying rack over cookie sheet.  Works wonders! And can’t forget the tin foil underneath… quick and easy cleanup! (Mommys love anything that’s quick and easy…and doesn’t leave a mess!)


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