Color Me Purple….or Grey?

Hey strangers.  It’s been a while since our last post.  We’ve had a busy week, and because of it, haven’t had a free minute to post about it.  Well, to catch up on the recent happenings in the RatnamResidence, we’ll start with last Friday.  We had two big home renovation projects on our agenda, so we took a trip to Home Depot to get all the supplies.

Our first project was to replace the dated knobs on our built-in hutch turned wine bar.  (We’ll share those details in the next post.)

Our second project was to decide on a paint color for the hallway.

We have one hallway.  The bathroom, two bedrooms, and linen closet come off this small space and we have yet to paint it.  This is what the hallway looked like when we moved in:

We had the perfect piece of artwork to lighten up the space, and we wanted a color to accentuate it.  Since the painting was yellow and red, I thought purple would be a fun color.  It’s a small space so it would be fun to do a bold color.  Vinay didn’t agree.  He wanted grey.  So, off to Home Depot we went…

We spent some time deliberating color choices…

and we finally decided on two contendors.  We bought sample paints ($3 each) and Avery helped carry our goodies to the checkout counter….

So, when we got home, and while Avery took a nap, we tested the colors with the painting.  (note: the paint samples are low VOC… so the fumes aren’t as bad.  And we closed the doors to Avery’s room and ran the fan in the bathroom so there were no fumes for our little guy).

Now, for the big reveal….

Which do you like better?  Purple or grey?… we’ve been walking past that wall all week and we can’t decide.  Maybe we’ll try a lighter grey and a burnt red?  But for the time being…. what’s your vote?  Leave a comment with your color vote!


9 thoughts on “Color Me Purple….or Grey?

    • Thanks, Katelyn… the idea of purple was so exciting, until I saw it on the wall. Good thing we tested it first. I think they grey is too dark and depressing so we’re going with a cheerier, lighter grey… we’ll post pictures soon of the next two choices we’ve narrowed it down to…

  1. Compromise with a grayish purple or purplish gray. Gray has always been a dull color to me, and that shade of purple’s not right.

    • Thanks for the advice, Melissa. We’ve decided to go back to the drawing board (AKA Home Depot) and get two more paint samples… two ligther greys. One with a blue tint, and the other just basic grey. We’ll post pictures soon so everyone can pick their fave!

  2. I agree I think a color that atches on of the colrs in the painting would be most appropriate – sorry for evading the question:). Consider framing the painting before painting if you plan on making the painting the main feature of that wall:) Go with your gut ….

    • Thanks, Nirmal!
      Although I was gung-ho for purple..once it was on the wall, it was just too loud. We’re going to chose from two new greys… would love to hear your feedback once we post pictures of the new colors!

  3. Thanks so much for liking one of my recent posts. I see we are both “up to our elbows” in home renovation. That Home Depot picture is oh so familiar! You have a lovely family and home. Good luck with it all.

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