Future Foodie

Who knows what Avery will grow up to be… a basketball player in the NBA, a pianist, a doctor that finds the cure for cancer, or maybe a food critic?….

Check out Avery’s first experience with solid-ish food – rice cereal.

Pictures of Avery eating:

A video of Avery eating:

Wondering when to start your little one on solids?  How did we know it was time?  Well, the baby books say to start solids (aka cereal or oatmeal) between 4-6 months and to make sure your baby can sit upright in a chair.  (Avery is 4 months old and can sit upright). I asked my Mom – who looked thru our baby books and told me I started cearal at 3 1/2 months and my sister ever earlier.  But with all the allergy awareness today, it’s cautioned by some to not start until 6 months.  So, since Avery has been gobbling his bottles, we decided it was time to start (and his doctor said it was OK).

We chose ‘Banana Nut’ brand rice cereal.  We started with one teaspoon of dry cereal and added formula until it was the consistency of thick soup.  We feed it to him every night before his last bottle.  He’s getting used to the spoon and swallowing… so much that he gobbles up one teaspoon quickly and we sometimes give him another serving.  Now with this added to his diet, he’s really going to grow even more!

4 thoughts on “Future Foodie

  1. I would caution you against giving Avery fruits or other sweet tasting solids early on. Once they develop a taste for it, it’s hard to get them to eat the blander tasting veggies. Start with single grain cereal, then move on to the green veggies, then the orange, then the fruits. That’s just my opinion of course :). Either way, solids is always an exciting time in baby’s (make that mommy’s) life.

    • Thanks for the advice, Mychelle! That’s a great point. I want Avery to want to eat his veggies (even though his Mommy still doesn’t like them). We’ll check with his Doctor next week on what’s OK for him to try next.

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