Doctor Doctor

Avery has been keeping us on our toes this month – First we thought he had a cold which turned out to be an ear infection & pnemonia.  Then after 10 days on antibiotics, he was all better, or so we thought.  This past weekend he was a little fussier than usual and wanted to chew on everything…


He’s still a little young to be teething, but we told his daycare provider about it on Monday.  Luckily, she noticed he had symptoms of ‘thrush’.  Thrush is an overgrowth of yeast in the mouth, most likely caused by the strong antibiotics Avery was on because it kills both bad and good bacteria.  So, on the inside of Avery’s lip and inner cheek is some white milky looking stuff.  And with that, we were off to the doctor’s again.

Avery didn’t seem like a sick little boy, waiting patiently in the doctor’s office…

Or while we were waiting for the Doctor to come into the exam room… Avery was very energetic and playful…


But the doctor did confirm that it was thrush and Avery got his medicine that he’ll be on for 2 weeks.  It’s not contageous either, so Avery went back to daycare this morning.

And that concludes our 7th trip to the doctor’s this month… hopefully we won’t be back until his 4-month checkup in February!


4 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor

    • Thanks, Kendra! Luckily the thrush isn’t too painful for Avery, so he is doing just fine. He really doesn’t like taking the medicine though – that’s the only challenge right now. We have plans to go up to Vermont in April, if not sooner. We’ll let you know so you can see the (big) little guy!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Mychelle – We’re using q-tips now to apply the medicine, but we’ll have to get some of those! Do you think I can find them at a pharmacy, target, or walmart? I’ll have Vinay search for them next time he makes a run to the store…

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