Our Lil Trooper

Our little man has had a rough week: 3 doctors visits, 1 X-ray, and 3 diagnosises.

Over the weekend, Avery was coughing, which isn’t typical of him.  On Sunday, his symptons were worse – more coughing, runny nose, red face, no fever though.  We took Avery to the doctors, and they said it was his first cold.  Sunday night through Monday morning, Avery’s symptoms were worse and he had a temp of 100.2 (100.4 or higher is a fever for him), so we stayed home, Avery slept most the day, but when his temp spiked to 100.6 that afternoon, we paid the doctor another visit.  They found an ear infection, and prescribed him antibiotics.

Avery went to daycare Tuesday and was on his medicine.  Wednesday morning, Avery was coughing a lot more than usual on the way to daycare and in the early afternoon daycare called and said he was having trouble breathing.  He had been on antibiotics for over 24 hours so he should have been getting better, but he wasn’t.  So, off to the doctor’s we went, for the third time this week.  The doctor could still see the ear infection, but wanted to see if there was fluid in his lungs, so we went for an x-ray.  THAT was quite an experience.  The contraption they put him in looked horrible and he screamed the whole time.  He wasn’t hurting or anything, and I had to fight back the tears because he was so unhappy.  It was a good thing they did it though, because they found that he has a little pneumonia.  So, we changed antibiotics and Avery is home with Daddy today.  If all goes well, we should see him getting better by tonight, and if he does, he’ll go to daycare on Friday and we have a follow up appointment this weekend to see how he’s doing (that’ll make it 4 doctor’s visits this week!)

Poor little guy… he’s such a trooper! We hope he’ll be back to his normal healthy & playful self and be smiling like this again soon…

4 thoughts on “Our Lil Trooper

  1. I hate that contraption! But you know (just a FYI) at Children’s Hospital they can do the chest X-ray without the contraption, which begs me to wonder why it’s needed anyways. Good luck! Alyson fought off pneumonia in November. She was given two antibiotics which showed to be very effective. I forgot what the first one was (it’s usually given via IV, but Alyson got it via IM) and the second was basically baby Z pak.

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