Deck the Halls

Christmas is just around the corner and the Ratnam houshold is ready for it’s first Christmas.  I can’t say our stocking are hung by the chimney with care, because we demolished the fake fireplace in the living room, but we have done a little decorating.  We took advantage on Black Friday and got 2 poinsettia plants (99 cents each!) for the pilars between the living and dining room.  Then, we got new stockings with monograms (M=Mom, D=Dad, A=Avery) and hung them using the cool 3M Command strip hangers, so it wouldn’t ruin the paint.  And we’ve been getting lots of holiday cards from family and friends, so we started hanging them up … check it out:

As you can see, to even things out, there is a bow on the 4th hook – where someday another stocking will hang!

We’re slowly making our way around the opening with the holiday cards that come.  These pictures were taken last week.  As of today, both sides are full and they are making their way across the top.

In addition to stockings, we have a tree!  Much to the dismay of my family and friends in Vermont, it is a fake one.  Yes, a 3-foot tall tree impersonator.  With a little one, and a new house, there is no time to tend to a live tree, so we are using the tree I’ve had since college.  We have lights and garland and a tree skirt, just like a real tree…

And thanks to Avery’s (Great) Papa, we have a train to put around it!  Before our holiday weekend in Vermont, we only had one ornament.  We bought a kit to make a mold of Avery’s handprint as an ornament:

And after celebrating the holiday in Vermont this past weekend, we have a few more ornaments…

This ornament opens and is engraved with “Meghan & Vinay 2011” and a picture from our wedding.  This is Avery’s First Christmas ornament, it’s engraved with his name and the year (I apologize for the dark photos… Avery was sleeping and I didn’t want to turn the lights on and wake him!):

And this one…

Avery has one more penguin ornament from his (Great) Aunt Debbie that I haven’t hung yet.  We came back from our weekend in Vermont with tons of gifts that I am still working on putting away… so we’ll share those soon…


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