Honeymooners (Part 1)

This is a bit overdue, but with all the excitement from the wedding, our new house, and Avery, we just hadn’t had time to share our honeymoon trip with everyone!  After our perfect wedding weekend in May, we went back to work and house hunting.  Then, at the end of July, we took our honeymoon trip to the west coast.  Before we left, I got a note from my doctor because I was 6+ months pregnant and didn’t wan’t any trouble on the airplane.  I heard that if you look too far along, they won’t let you fly!  As it turned out, nobody gave us a hard time.  And the flight went well.  Avery liked the vibrations of the airplane when it was starting up on the ground… he moved around a lot.  But then, the rest of the flight he was fine.  I just had to get up a bunch of times to use the bathroom!  We flew into San Francisco, rented a car (not just any car):

And we headed to see Vinay’s Aunt & Uncle & cousins, just south of the city in Cupertino.  They had a wonderful welcome dinner party planned for us that night with friends (some I had met at our wedding!) and some delicious food.

After a night with our lovely hosts, we headed to Carmel.  On the way there, we stopped in Monterey.  The streets were bustling with people.  We did some window shopping, picture taking, and stopped for lunch.

Then, on our way to Carmel, we took the 17-mile Drive along the coast.  Along the drive, there were numbered signs for stopping points to see seals, nice views, and really cool trees.  It took us a few hours to complete the whole thing – and we didn’t stop at every sign!  And from the pictures, you can see Vinay had the camera most of the time (because there are lots of pictures of me).

Then, by late afternoon, we had made it to the Sea View Inn in Carmel where our wonderful Aunt had reserved a room for us as a gift.

We stayed in Room #9 which had a cozy queen bed and ensuite bath with clawfoot tub!  We could hear the ocean from the room – only two blocks away.

We unpacked and rested a little before going out to see the ocean and for a romantic dinner (and we couldn’t resist taking a shot of my belly before going out).

The next morning we had breakfast at the Inn.  We sat with a family that didn’t speak any english… they were from Britain I think?  And from there, we packed up and headed out again!  We took a tour of the Carmel Mission.  It was built in the 1700s.  We toured the gardens and basilica… very pretty.

Then we were off to drive the scenic Big Sur…
More to come tomorrow – The Big Sur & Napa Valley

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