It’s A Bird! No, It’s A Plane!

Although we’ve been moved in for months now, there are still a few scattered boxes and piles of goodies to find homes for. I recently found a home for our wedding memorabilia.  That project was more so for me, so I decided to tackle one of Vinay’s boxes sitting in the living room.  Vinay has a collection of model airplanes at 1:600 scale from when he was a child.  In our previous apartments, we layed them out on a bookshelf with our books.  Since we have a permanent home, I though it would be special to take some time to properly display Vinay’s collection.

So, with some creative help from my mom, we began the project!  We took all the planes out of their boxes.  Some of the airlines aren’t in service anymore so it was fun opening them and laying them out on the floor.

Where to put them?  Well, we have two empty built-in shelves with glass doors under the pillars that divide the dining and living room that are still empty.  Seems like a perfect display case!

But just placing the planes on the shelves isn’t creative enough…

We are going to hang some to make them look like they are flying! To do that, we needed a few tools: a hammer, tacks, and string.

Using the string, we were able to support the planes in a ‘flying’ position. We used the tacks to support the string from the shelf above and the hammer pushed the tack in farther so the planes didn’t fall.

So, we hung a few planes, and put the rest on the shelves.

And with that… we are one box closer to being completely moved in!  We’ve recently worked on setting up our office and we’ll share pictures of that soon (only 3 boxes left in there!)

2 thoughts on “It’s A Bird! No, It’s A Plane!

  1. Looks great, but I think you should paint the interior panels, so the planes would pop more (since most of them are in the whitish family of color), just my opinion though 🙂 great new home for them either way!

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