Turkey Day – The Ratnam Way

On Thanksgiving we shared a quick picture of Avery in his turkey-best.  Now that the holiday has passed, we can share some pictures of the festivities!  For Turkey-day, my parents were down (from VT) for the holiday.  Oh and their two dogs, Pokey and Frasier.  A basset and a jack russel. Here they are making themselves at home in our house…

Thank Ikea that we invested in our new sofa couch – it was juuuust big enough for my parents and the dogs to sleep on for the holiday weekend.  That’s an emphasis on the ‘juuuust’… because Pokey is problably as long as me when he stretches out, and Frasier sleeps UNDER the covers… so I guess it was just like home for them, which was one goal we had when house hunting…to have comfortable accommodations for guests.

Anywho… we spent the holiday relaxing.  My Dad was up early prepping the turkey (or so I thought, I wouldn’t know, I was sleeping in while my Mom took care of Avery…catching up on some missed zzz’s was awesome!), and Mom made all the holiday fixings – smashed potatoes (that’s not a typo by the way), gravy, homemade stuffing – NOT Stove Top, cranberry, PICKLES! (I love pickles), green bean casserole (yuck. I just ate the crunchy onions on top.  I’m not too fond of veggies), rolls, and cherry pie for desert!

Avery and I went shopping with my Mom earlier in the week for all the fixings.  Avery was a big help in the store…

We ate in the early afternoon.  It was great to have a full table (of people and food) for a holiday at our very own house.  And Vinay had the honor of cutting the bird!

And Avery… well, he was so excited up until dinner that he tuckered himself out and slept through the whole thing…

Then we took a nice afternoon stroll (Avery too!) to the store to buy a newspaper for Black Friday Ads (Yes, Me, my Mom and Avery went out… but not until 10am-we found a great steal for the office that I’ll share later!),  and relaxed the rest of the evening together.

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