Post-Wedding Decor

Where do all the wedding things go?….after the wedding that is.  Well, since we spent so much time and energy making everything about our wedding personalized, I made sure I kept a bunch of ‘leftovers’ to display in our home one day.  The invitations, escort cards, table numbers, and even all our wedding cards.  So, for months they’ve been stored away…. until now!  My gracious Aunt Candy (thank you!) made a travel themed board for everyone to sign.  She made a matching board for us to display our wedding memorabilia.  With a little creative thinking, I made these and put them up in our bedroom…

What do you think?  I had piles and piles of lovely cards from our family and friends and no way to display all of them.  So, I picked out the most neutral ones, and a couple with hints of blue (our bedroom is blue) and I double-sided sticky taped them to the back of the board, to make a unique frame.  Here are a few close ups:

And here is the memorabilia board:

This one was a little more difficult to pull together because we had so many personal mementos to chose from, and arranging them took some time.  However, both projects took about an hour in all to complete (Thanks to my Mom who watched Avery while I made them).

We have a few other wedding day remnants around the house like a tissue flower centerpiece in a hutch in the dining room… there for now because I’m not quite sure where it belongs yet.  And in a drawer in the dining room are cloth napkins made from the world map print tablecloths used at our reception.  Oh and here’s a runner… in our bedroom on our dresser:

I love that we can re-use decorations from our wedding!  Not only because when I see them, I’m reminded of that amazing day, but also because weddings are expensive, and I would hate to have all our hard work into the decorations just go in the trash after being admired for only one night.

They’ll be more post-wedding decor to come… I have a zillion frames (well, like 10) from wedding gifts and our old house that I need to find homes for and put wedding pictures in.  And we have a giant pile of baby cards that we once displayed on on the pillars between the dining room and living room…

but have since been taken down because we needed room for holiday decorations (I’ll blog about those soon!).  Oh and you can see the flower globe one-a-centerpiece in the dining room in that picture! So, I’ll have to think of something creative to do with the cards.  Any suggestions?

Oh, and you see those empty glass displays under the cards?  I used one of them to display a plane collection of Vinays… I’ll share that soon!


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