Newborn No More!

Our little boy is growing so fast!  Yesterday was a momentous occasion in the Ratnam household.  Avery officially graduated from his newborn (NB) size diapers into size 1 diapers!  Yay!  Avery is 9+ lbs. now, so he’s big enough for the next size diapers (NB = up to 10lbs, size 1 = 8-14 lbs.).  Right now he is sort of swimming in them and they give him quite a bubble butt, but they fit and we are so happy that he’s growing so fast! Our stock of size 1 diapers:

And here comes the even bigger news…. Avery has outgrown all of his newborn size clothes!  Yesterday I was getting Avery dressed up to go have lunch with one of Mommy’s friends and all the outfits I wanted him to wear were too small!  Some he hasn’t even warn yet!

We didn’t realize he would grow this fast.  So, we have a pile of newborn size clothes that we are packing away to keep until our next little one arrives (years and years and years down the road!)

Luckily, Avery has lots and lots of bigger sized clothes  thanks to our generous and thoughtful friends and family.  So, Avery is now wearing 0-3, and 3 months outfits.  And with how he’s growing now, I expect him to grow out of this size within the next month (before he’s 3 months old) because he is so long!  Let’s hope he has Daddy’s height and not Mommy’s!

At 6 weeks old, Avery is not only growing in size… he has been lifting his head more, strengthening those neck muscles to get ready to crawl.  And most recently he has been discovering his hands and gripping toys…like his kangaroo rattle his Aunt Sarah brought him all the way from Australia!


2 thoughts on “Newborn No More!

    • Thanks Uncle Tim! It’s hard to believe he’s 6 weeks old already! We’re trying to cherish every minute… and documenting it. This kid is going to have so many pictures and video of him!

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