Couch Potato

Like we said in our last post, we were in the market for a new couch for our living room.  What is wrong with our old couch?  Well, Vinay had it before we met, and had got it second-hand off craigslist.  We had spruced it up with a black slipcover and pillows, but after a few years of that, we were overdue for a new one.  So, this past weekend we posted our old couch on craigslist (which someone took away in a minivan!  It was quite entertaining seeing him fit it in there), and set off to buy something new to replace this one:

I had my heart set on a particular sofa from Ikea, and this idea of a layout for the room:

…But we first stopped in at Jordan’s Furniture to see what our other options were.  The new couch requirements were that it had to be a sleeper sofa, and an ‘L’ shape.  Jordan’s didn’t have any of these… none under $2,000 that is.  So, we headed to Ikea.  If you haven’t been to Ikea before, you need to know that it’s an experience.  You can’t just walk in, buy something, and walk out.  Their store is organized so that you follow the walkways and they zigzag through the whole store, kinda like a human-sized mouse maze.

So if you want to go to the kitchens, you first have to walk through the staged living rooms, then the couches and chairs, tv stands, storage units, bedrooms, beds, dressers, and then you get to the kitchens.  Being veteran Ikea shoppers, we know that there are shortcuts between the departments.  So, after only a few minutes, and two shortcuts, we were at the display of the sofa I wanted.  Only problem was, it came in two colors… Vinay wanted blue and I wanted beige.

Blue vs. Beige:

If there is anything we’ve learned in our 5 months of marriage, it’s compromise.  We were getting the style sofa I wanted, so I let Vinay pick the color. Oh, and we picked out a chair for the living room to add to our slim seating choices.  And with that, we headed to the warehouse to pick up the boxes.  For the Ikea virgins out there, this is the most stressful part of the trip.  See, everything at Ikea comes in boxes, and needs to be assembled.  Yah, you can have it preassembled for you, but it costs big $$ and that would defeat the purpose of shopping at Ikea because you would lose the good price.  So, after some zig-zagging through the maze of showrooms, we finally got to the warehouse and the boxes the sofa was in…. and man were they huge!  140kg…that’s like 300lbs!  Luckily the chair and it’s cushion were very light.   Needless to say, our cart was much more crowded than this:

So we immediately called my Aunt (Avery’s Grammy and two Aunts were visiting for the weekend), and asked her to come with her SUV because there was no way we’d fit all these boxes in my little SUV.  A couple hours later, and 3 car loads, we were home assembling our new couch and chair.

Don’t mind the ladies on the TV… we were watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ (We, as in everyone but Vinay)
So, with that, we have a two new additions to the living room!  Some window treatments, and area rug, pictures on the wall, and the room will be complete!


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