Have a Grrrrrrreat Halloween!

Thanks to Avery’s Grammie, and her halloween package she sent us, we are all decked out for Avery’s first Halloween!

And today is another first for us… our first holiday at our new house!  We’ve decorated and await the trick or treaters!

We are excited to see how many trick or treaters we get tonight!  Avery on the other hand doesn’t look too excited… he is just so cozy in his costume that he might sleep through all the excitement!

Happy Halloween!

Update: It’s 10pm and we’d like to share that we had 59 Trick or Treaters and they took ALL our candy! Avery had fun ‘handing’ out the candy, then he passed out and slept through the rest.  There were princesses, lady bugs, a green lantern, a monkey, and a dinosaur!  We had a little one ask me  when I handed him the bowl of candy to pick through, “Why are there pencils in there?” Not quite the academic yet I guess!  And then we had a group (with british accents I might add) sing to us!  They sand this witches and ghouls song I had never heard but it was like Christmas Carolers for Halloween!  Very cool!  Overall, a great first Halloween at the Ratnam Residence!

Here are a few shots I took of Avery on my phone while we were awaiting the trick or treaters:


10 thoughts on “Have a Grrrrrrreat Halloween!

    • Hi D,

      Well, we expect a lot of trick or treaters because our house is on a busy street. I don’t know how to gauge the # we will get because growing up in VT we were lucky to get a handful of trick or treaters in the rural area I grew up in. Avery’s Great Grandma told me she gets 60! and she lives in a small city in VT…so I expect 60 or more. We are worried we won’t have enough candy!

  1. I have to agree with Uncle Tim, nice socks! He is so adorable, I’ll come over next week when I get back from San Diego.

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