Happy Birthday to me!

That’s right, it’s my birthday!

What are we doing to celebrate?  Well, since going out for drinks is out of the question… work, a doctor’s appointment, and grad school are on the agenda for the day.  Because we have so much going on with the house and the baby, this year’s birthday is going to be very low key.   But, just to make my birthday a little more exciting, I’ll give you a little play by play or a ‘Day in the Life of’ for today… which is a typical Monday for me.

5:35 AM: Yes, I get up this early every weekday.  My alarm goes off and I snooze it.  Vinay had woken me up when he came to bed sometime in the wee hours of the morning to wish me happy birthday.  I needed to gain those 10 minutes back.  So I snoozed a bit more.

6:00AM:  My snooze was a little longer than anticipated, but thanks to the people already posting happy birthdays on Facebook, I woke up to the dinging of my phone.  So I rushed about to get ready for the day.  Shower. Clothes. Feed Tiesto.  Pack bag for school & work. Tell Tiesto to be quiet because he was making a racket tossing his ball around in his cage and that really annoys Vinay. Grab a couple snacks out of the kitchen to toss in my bag.  Ready to go!

6:25AM: Jump into my pretty new ‘mom’ car (that we bought during ‘Hurricane’ Irene).

Adjust the seat because my legs are short and belly is big, so reaching the peddles is a challenge.  Wait a minute for the fog to clear on all the windows… it’s getting colder at night… winter is coming! Spend almost an hour on the road because traffic is heavier on Mondays.

7:15AM: Make it to work. After a cup of hot chocolate and some cinnamon toast, I get productive.  This is what my computer screen looks like while I’m working:

9:35AM: Sylvia sings me ‘Happy Birthday’ (an office tradition).

12:00PM: Break for lunch and treat myself to Subway.  I see tge pregnant lady that usually works there.  Although she isn’t due until November or December, she looks bigger than me!  She’s very nice to chat with… and one day she gave me a free cookie!

12:30PM: Back in the office…Eat my sandwich while I post for the blog (I post early because I won’t be home to stop until almost 10pm and by then I’ll probably be too tired to remember to post..so everything going forward is a prediction).  Start working again… I need a very productive afternoon because I have to leave early for a doctors appointment.

2:30PM: Leave work.  Stop to get gas and miss the gas mileage from my little coupe (happens every time I visit the pump). Head to the Doc’s office south of the city, so I fight traffic… yes, traffic at 2:30 in the afternoon… that’s Boston for ya.  Fun fact: I drive 45 miles round-trip a day to and from work which typically takes 1 1/2 – 2 hrs a day.

3:15PM: Doctor’s appointment.  Since we’re less than a month away, we’re now doing weekly appointments! They typically check my weight, tummy size, and listen to the heartbeat to make sure the little one is doing well.

4:00PM: Call Vinay to tell him how the appointment went.  Hit the road again to head to class.

5:00PM: Predicting how the traffic will be, it’ll take about an hour to get to school.  Class doesn’t start until 6 though, so I have wiggle room.  I like getting there early so I can have a snack and refresh my memory on the homework.

6:00PM: Financial Management.  This is one of my two classes this semester.  Two final classes.  If all goes well, I’ll have my masters in December.  I’m very fortunate to have understanding professors so that when the baby comes, I have time to catch up on my work.  I know it’ll be tough juggling homework and a newborn, but so far this year I’ve been taking 2 classes every semester while planning a wedding, buying a house, and being pregnant… so I think I can handle it!

9:00PM: Class is out. The drive home sometimes takes 40-50 minutes because of the night construction on the highway.  Yay (that’s sarcasm if you couldn’t tell).

9:45PM: Finally home.  Vinay is making dinner (a rare occurrence!) so I’m excited to see taste what it is! This was his specialty when we were dating:

He’s since graduated to more domestic cooking 🙂

10:30PM: Time for bed… this is one of my favorite parts of the day because Vinay always says goodnight to my belly 🙂

Special thanks to everyone for the cards and gifts in the mail and birthday wishes!  My phone hasn’t stopped beeping all day because of the texts and FB messages from everyone… thanks!

candle photo courtesy of hrt4bryan   |   3D model courtesy of JCC   |  hamburger helper photo courtesy of Betty Crocker


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