Fridge Fiasco

Remember our Kitchen Renovation project we shared 2 weeks ago?

Before & After

Well, we spared the little details about our big (literally) fridge fiasco.  In our original post, we went over the process of the kitchen remodel, from demolition to the (almost) final product.  The mishap we skipped over was the story of our fridge.  Lets start from the beginning.  Before we moved into the new house, we went out appliance shopping.  Coming from an apartment, we weren’t bringing any appliances with us, not even a microwave.  So we set out one sunny summer Saturday to scope out appliances (being pregnant, it was better for me to be indoors instead of out in the sun anyways).  We were interested in prices, options, and finding a group of appliances that would go well together in the tiny space – without breaking the bank.  After checking Sears, Lowes, and Home Depot, we stopped in at Best Buy.  I wasn’t convinced they had more than a few appliances.  I thought it was just an excuse for Vinay to look at toys there.  Then we found this:

Stainless steel. Energy efficient. LED lighting on the inside. Huge Capacity. Nifty water & ice dispenser.  Oh and see that red tag? 1/2 off! It was on sale because they were trying to sell this model because the newer ones were coming in.  Lucky for us, they still had one in stock.  So we bought it right then and there and setup delivery for after we’d have the keys to the new house.  And just like that, we had invested $750 dollars into our new kitchen… but it was worth $1500!

As delivery day approached, and we had become more familiar with the house, a thought crossed my mind.  Our house is old, and the doorways are particularly small.  Will we be able to fit the fridge through them?  I checked the stats online for the size of the fridge and took a trip to the house to measure the doorways… front and back.  Sure enough, the fridge was too big to fit through them.  The doorways were 29-31 inches wide, and the fridge was 36 inches wide and deep.  We were only half a foot off.  Obviously something we should have checked before we made our big purchase.  So what to do?  It was possible to take off the doors of the fridge, to make it fit, but I didn’t think the doors were 6 inches thick.  So, we decided to go for it, using the front door (31 inches wide) and if it failed, we would leave it in the garage until we found a solution.

Luckily, we had some pretty awesome delivery guys.  They showed up with the fridge, unpacked it, removed one door, removed the screen door on the house, lifted it, and squeezed it through the doorway at an angle.  (Please excuse the lack of images for this because I was standing in awe as I watched this happen).  And like that, it was in.  Well, in the dining room.  The doorway from the dining room to the kitchen was only 29 inches and we had to demo the kitchen and begin remodeling before we brought in the appliances.  So, for a few weeks, our fridge lived in the dining room amongst all the cabinet boxes for the kitchen.

Then when the kitchen was ready for the appliances, we removed the frame from around the doorway to make it wide enough for the fridge to be rolled in.  This time we didn’t have the awesome deliver guys so with my parents help, it was rolled into the kitchen.

Luckily it fit!  We have some patching to do on the door frame, but at least we have a fridge in the kitchen!  Later on, we realized another effect of our goof up.  Since the Fridge is next to a wall, we can’t open the freezer door 100%… and it needs to be opened all the way to pull out the ice tray.  No biggie, since we use the ice dispenser, but still…minor goof-up.  Don’t get us wrong, we love our kitchen and love the deal we got on our really cool fridge.  But if we did it again, I’m sure we’d take what we learned from this into consideration.

Lesson Learned: Measure all access ways before purchasing appliances (and furniture).


3 thoughts on “Fridge Fiasco

  1. Hi Meghan! Love reading your blog! OMG! We had a fridge issue too! Except we weren’t as lucky you guys. We couldn’t open one side of the doors because it was too close to the wall. So, we had to buy another one! The first fridge is still in the garage! 😦

    • Joyce,

      Oh no! Sounds like such a similar issue! We have the fridge up against the wall too and that’s why we can’t open the door all the way! I think a fridge fits better in a kitchen anchored against a wall… it would look weird in the middle of a kitchen with counter on either side.. but that’s the only way the doors would open fully… hmm. Weird that I’ve put so much thought into fridges today 🙂

  2. I think we think by heart when buying fridges. Since it is a durable machine, we have to give the purchasing process a good amount of time. And also, we should think in a very very practical manner.

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