Our Baby (bunny)

Meet Baby Tiesto!

A year and a half ago, Vinay came home with this little angel!  He was a tiny little thing… scared and shaking in a cardboard box.  We named him Tiesto, after Vinay’s favorite DJ. He is all white… with red eyes.  Vinay refers to him as the white devil.

They have a love-hate relationship.

At first he was very very small… but he ate, and ate and ate.  And soon he was too big for his plastic igloo.  So, my Dad built him a new house…

…And he enjoys sitting on the house more than in it.

Then he got too big for his cage and for his birthday, we got him this!

Oh, and do you notice the picture on the wall in the pictures?  That’s Pumba. Tiesto’s pen pal.  Pumba is a ginea pig who lives in Vermont with my Grandma.  They send cards and pictures back and forth. Tiesto sent these to Pumba for Easter:

And for Halloween, Tiesto dressed up to celebrate…

Pumba dressed up as a Jelly Belly.

And if you were wondering… Tiesto is settling in just fine to his new surroundings in the house.  He’s living in the dining room for now.  He always needs to be in an area where people pass by a lot because if he’s alone in a room and doesn’t see people, he’ll get depressed and we can’t have that.  He doesn’t like the hardwood floors though… they are hard for him to walk on because his feet are furry so it’s slippery for him!

Here are a few fun photos of our baby…

Next… we’ll share our favorite photos from our wedding!

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