Home Sweat Home

Well, we’ve been moved in for 2 weeks now, and we finally have internet…What a better way to celebrate than with our first blog post!?  We’re already in full swing renovating our new house, unpacking boxes on top of boxes, and setting up the nursery.  (We’re expecting Little Ratnam in only 7 weeks!)  We knew home ownership was going to involve lots of work… and after only 2 weeks of it, we think the key phrase should be ‘Home Sweat Home.’  Here’s a rundown of the recent goings on… (we’ll update with more detail later!)

May: We got married!

June: We found our first house!

July: We signed the (MANY) papers and were officially home owners!

August: With the help of family & friends, we spent a week cleaning, painting, and renovating the kitchen prior to our move-in

September: We’re moved in and since the house is too cluttered to sit anywhere, we are enjoying our lawn chairs…

Next: We’ll share our kitchen renovation project…


5 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

    • Thanks Katelyn! We’re excited to share with everyone and hope you keep checking in…. our focus recently has been the nursery and our bedroom… we’ll post about them soon!

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